Idea #03
For whom: All
Idea by: Eagle X
Teams: YES (2 opposing teams)
Requirements: New map, new Arena


Two teams on separete frequencies, 0 is Imperial, 1 is Rebel, just like SWZ.

The map is built up as a large space outside a complex base structure. In the center of the base is a stationary "flag" which is owned by the defenders of the base. Now the other team, the attackers, must penetrate the defences of the base and reach into the inner core of the base to retrieve that flag. Once they have done so, the game is over and the attackers will become the new defenders. The old defenders will warp out and wait for the start signal, then they will start the attack to get the flag which they held before.

To make the game a bit more interesting it may be fun to place a time limit for the attackers. If they do not get the flag before the time runs out they will fail.