Lita/Makoto/Sailor Jupiter

Down to business. This here's a profile perspective of Lita/Sailor Jupiter, looking rather serious.

This is by far the most difficult angle for me, all because of the face line. I've tried to map out a few pointers and proportions you and I can use.

Start with the eye, like always. The top eye line is pretty much the same as in the other views.  Maybe a little more angled, but that's up to you.

Don't forget the little second eye-line and eyelashes.

When you do a profile, and your character is looking forward, the eye is going to look a lot thinner, and the bottom eye line is a lot shorter. The bottom line is also slanted slightly upwards, to create the illusion of actual cheekbones.  You all know, of course, that cheekbones on an anime girl is a big no-no, but it's all good to imply it, right?

The eye has that wacky little way of looking forward, no?

Now you can add the eyebrow and those little lines below the eye. Figure what kind of expression your character will have, and work from there. Lita here's gonna look serious, like I probably mentioned before, so her eyebrow is slanted at a severe downward angle.

Nice effect if I do say so myself.

Next, you'll want to put in the ear. Remember to follow the universal rule that the front of the ear is half way from the back of the head to the front. Try it with your own head, you'll see.  How you can get the actual size of the head, well, you got me, buddy.

Lita wants you to remember that she always Always ALWAYS has her pretty little rose earrings on. I guess she likes them too much to remove them. Or maybe she just had her ears pierced and has to leave them in to keep it from healing.  Whatever.

Now you get to do the most annoying part: the face line. This line include the nose, mouth, chin, and part of the neck in the profile view. Take a look here and I shall explain.

She is NOT happy about something.

I simply cannot describe how much trouble it was to get this right.  Start at the top there, and draw the curved line to begin the nose about halfway down the eye.  Go about an eyelength outwards (includes the eyebrow) to a point just about parallel to the bottom of the eye.  Here your curved line will almost be going straight out.  Continue with the bottom of the nose, and begin the lip about halfway between the start of the first line and the tip of the nose.  This top lip includes the rest of the mouth, which can change her expression completely with a slightly different curve.  You are doing this in pencil, right?
    Anyway, continue with the bottom lip, which is ALWAYS shorter than the upper lip.  Then do the chin and the neck.  It's about one eyelength from the mouth to the chin.

Hey, that's pretty much got it.  Oh, and that line coming from the ear is part of the hair.  Observe.

You should start in that central point with the part, then move outwards, making swift strokes down slightly past the top eye line, and coming back up a little lower than the previous hair line. The right side sorta fluffs out to compensate for the profile. Then it curves around in a near-circle down to near the bottom of the neck. The ponytail is separated completely from the rest of the hair. Lita's barette hides the top line of the ponytail, and the other line usually is hidden by the rest of the hair. Her ponytail usually goes down to the small of her back. Another staple of Lita is her, uh, flying sideburn hair thingies. They're always moving about defying gravity in ways you couldn't imagine. You can do whatever you want with these, they're a little shorter than the ponytail, and are always whipping about. Don't forget the tension lines up to the ponytail, it's pulled pretty tight!

Wow! You just made Lita! Unless, of course, you weren't following along in your book, which is all good too.