This Fantasy story is about Van Fanel, the king of Fanelia, and Hitomi Kanzaki, who acidentally came to the world of Gaea, and their struggle to defeat the evil Zaibach Empire whom also destroyed the once proud kingdom of Fanelia. Now, they travel the world to find allies and a way to restore the peace in Gaea.
This is a really cool Mecha Anime with great fighting scenes. There is no hi-tech lasers or rocketlaunchers on their mechas, instead they fight with huge swords.

I have a a thing for Mecha Anime, and Sword fighting Anime, therefore this is one of the best Animes I have ever seen. This is not all because of the Mecha and the sword fighting, it also has a great story and it has skillfully drawn animations.
My Grade

Escaflowne Compendiun
Planet Gaea