[ Image Neon Genesis Evangelion]
Shinji Ikari is the abandoned son if Gendo Ikari, Commander of the NERV organisation. Shinji is taken to the NERV Headquarters by order of his father to become a EVA pilot. Even though he resists at first he finally accepts the offer to operate EVA unit 01 and fight against the Angels, a mysterios alien race invading the Earth.
I'll tell you right away, this is some really wierd Anime, and in order to understand what the hell they're up to, you have to watch several episodes more than once and even then it feels like some important piece of the puzzle is missing, and you cannot seem to find it. For all you guys who don't like really "Heavy" Anime, with a lot of thinking required (while watching), I wouldn't recomend this to you. But it is not all bad, it has some cool Mecha fighting scenes, and it is well made and all. I'm sure it would be really good if you just can find that missing puzzle piece. I didn't find it.
My Grade