[ Mahoujin Guruguru ]

Nike is an ordinary boy except for that his father trained him to be a hero, without Nike knowing it. Nike is sent out to be the hero everyone thinks he is, except himself. He meets Kukuri the Guruguru magician, and since she hero also (if not even more than everyone else), she join his group. Then they seek out to do good stuff.

This Anime is extremly fun. It is made as a parody of the RPG-genre of games. One really fun thing is when a new person appears, who is important enough, a small info box with all the really important information about that character you just can't live without, like Level, Hit Points, Magic Points, etc. One other cool effect is the narrator voice who explains things that happens to the characters, sometimes the most obvious things but that only makes it more fun.
My Grade
For Guru Guru Lovers only