[ Record of Lodoss War]
A war between the Gods ended in two last remanining survivors, Falis God of creation and ____ God of destruction. In this war a new country was created, it was called Lodoss. In this land lived a group of heros, fighting to protect the world from evil. These heros; Parn, Deedlit, Ghim, Slayn, Wood, ___ travels together to find and neutralise the evil power with magic and sword fighting.
A real Fantasy Anime, totally filled with massive amounts of magic and sword fighting. The fighting scenes are really cool, but think it is a bit too much magic around. The Dragons are also great, flying around shooting fire and stuff, making it look more like a real Fantasy story. This Anime has also been used as a ground for many RPG-games that was made after this Anime was made.
My Grade