What is Anime?

Anime (pronounced Ahh-nee-me), is the Japanese word for Animation. In Japan the name Anime is used for all kinds of animated movies, but in other contries it only stands for Japanese animated movies. Anime is not only for kids, as many people may think, there is many genres of Anime. There is everything from the cutest little creatures to the most bizarre and perverted Hentai. And between those are the most common genres, some of them are Comedy, Action, Drama, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Mecha.

Hentai or Ecchi is a word which means roughly; pervert, perverted. This kind of Anime is brutal pornography, some people may find it good enough to watch but personally I only get disgusted of it.

The Mecha genre is a genre that exist only in Anime. The word Mecha stands for Mechanised Robot. The genre is as it sounds, there are robots, but not any robots, these are huge. Some may even be bigger and most houses. Mostly they are driven by a pilot whom sits in a cockpit, somewhere inside the Mecha.

Manga is not Anime. Some may think that Manga is the same as Anime, but it is not. It may use the same style but thats all. The differense are that Anime is Animated pictures, like movies and series. While Manga is a comic book. He who ain't a very big fan of Manga and Anime may think, it's the same stuff but a version of a Manga in Anime format is never, or almost never the same experiense.