The News

Sunday 2000-04-02 9:50
New reviews: Kiki's Delivery Service
New reviews: Card Capor Sakura
Next: Thinking of putting out 2-3 pictures for each review normal or screenshots I don't know yet.
Thurday 2000-03-09 18.55
New reviews: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Working on collecting pictures for the Image Galleries, and the other pages.
Thursday 2000-02-10 10:05

Started with my new design of the page, alot better that the old one i would say, but who am I
to judge that, after all. It's been awhile since I updated this page I thought it was about time
to do somthing about that. If you like the design then it's good, if not please tell me what.

Monday 1999-05-31 - 15:50
Today (a sunny day and I'm stuck indoors) I created a E-Mail form, so now you can send me
mails easily and I hope you cause I need all the Feedback I can get. I also found more info
about what Anime really is, so I put that up too. I hope to get some more very soon.
Friday 1999-04-16 - 18:30

First Upload... hooray! ... I still have a few more pages to get up but those that are here now
works fine... if not notify me by mail or ICQ... Since this is the first upload then I need
suggestions to be able to improve my site, it is after all YOU that knows how you want the page
to look like, since you are viewing the page, right? ... exactly, so i need feedback from
you ppl out there...